Many people are proactive about making a will, buying life insurance, and purchasing a cemetery plot, but don’t always consider pre-planning when it comes to their monument. Choosing and purchasing your monument or gravestone ahead of time gives you an active role in your legacy and eases the burden on grieving loved ones.

Here are three reasons to consider pre-planning:

1. Your monument will reflect your wishes.

There is no one better qualified than you to choose the monument that will speak to your personality, beliefs, loves, interests and accomplishments. Your family members won’t have to try to decide what was most important to you or what you would have wanted.

2. It makes things easier for grieving loved ones.

Taking care of all the arrangements for your monument ahead of time is one less task for your surviving loved ones. It also prevents them from having to make difficult decisions at an emotional time. Sadly, the passing of a loved one can put strain on families and cause painful disagreements over these decisions. Pre-planning prevents this.

3. It protects against financial uncertainties that can delay memorialization.

By pre-purchasing a monument, you know that financial difficulties in the family or a delay in settling your estate won’t delay your memorial.

The Dawson Memorial Arts staff can work with you to make the pre-planning process simple and stress-free. We can help you find or custom design the headstone, monument or grave marker that reflects your legacy and meets your budget needs. Contact us today.


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